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High-quality measuring instruments ensure standard-compliant form and roughness measurement

The form measuring instruments from Jenoptik check the form and position tolerances of your workpieces – even in tough industrial environments.

Form Metrology

Formline F135 und F155 - Applicable for a wide range of measuring tasks

Form Metrology

From simple roundness measurements to combined form and roughness measurements: We offer the right form measuring instruments for every measuring task. All systems are robust and durable, making them ideal for use in the harshest industrial manufacturing conditions.

The measurement run is largely automated, thus preventing any possible operator influence. You also save time, money and resources. The Turbo Form software allows your employees to analyze any form and position deviations with ease. The program offers a clear and comprehensive result view as well as configurable print forms.

Brake disc measuring with Formline F435


  • High-precision: Even complex workpieces are measured with great accuracy.
  • Fast: Automatic processes and rapid measurements save time.
  • Robust: Ideally suited for the tough production conditions encountered in industry or in the measuring room.
  • Universal: Suitable for applications ranging from simple, manual roundness measurements to fully automatic CNC measurements.


  • Automotive industry: Measurement of form and position tolerance, roughness and twist.

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