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Formline Incometer: measuring systems for form and roundness measurement in cylinder bores

The measuring systems rapidly determine accurate data for the form and roundness of cylinder bores.

Cylinder Bores Measurement

Formline incometer P - Rapid form measurement of cylinder bores

Cylinder Bores Measurement

The Incometer measuring systems supply measured data relating to the form and roundness of cylindrical bores with great speed, accuracy and reliability. You can use these systems, for example, to measure cylinder distortion and wear rates, with a particular focus on temperature influence. In the field of engine development and manufacture, these measurements are necessary in order to maximize the efficiency of the engine.

The highly flexible systems are suitable for mobile application in research and development as well as in production: They are compact, extremely robust and resistant to vibrations. The systems are quickly ready for us since you do not have to perform any manual adjustments. This allows you to save both time and resources.

In just a few seconds, the devices supply relevant data, which is then immediately available for analysis. You operate the measuring systems using our Incowin control and evaluation software. Thanks to the intuitive menu guidance, your employees will be able to master the systems after a brief instruction.

We can supply the right Incometer measuring system for each individual application. In addition to the Incometer V, we also offer two further models: The Incometer VS, for instance, was developed specifically for small engines with a minimum diameter of 39mm, while the Incometer V110 measures cylinder bores on extremely flat V engines. The Incometer P is able to perform extremely fast cylindricity measurements during engine manufacture.


  • Extremely fast measurement: Quickest cylindricity measurements on the market, thus saving time and costs.
  • Precise: Determination of accurate measured values.
  • Flexible application: Compact, robust devices for use in development or production.
  • Effective: Self-adjustment eliminates need for elaborate alignment.
  • Simple operation: Time-saving operation of the measuring system with our INCOWIN software.


  • Automotive industry: Form and roundness measurements in cylinder bores, measurement of cylinder distortion for configuration of cylinder head gasket, cylinder wear measurements, hot-static deformation measurement.

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